Called to Serve in the Footsteps of Christ - Who’s Who in our Team Here at St Georges

St George’s is an Anglican Church in the Glascote and Stoneydelph Team Parish (with St Peter’s, Glascote Heath and St Martin’s, Stoneydelph). We are part of Tamworth Deanery in Lichfield Diocese, and a member of the Tamworth Covenanting Churches (TCC).

The main officers and leadership groups are currently as follows:

Team Rector and Vicar of St George’s : Rev Gary Simmons

Ordained Local Minister : Rev Michael Le-Worthy

Readers : We have three people who particularly assist in preaching and leading services – Pat West; Rob Ellor and Karen Gopsill.

Church Wardens : Joyce Thorpe and Phil Hartles

Assistant Church Wardens : Glyn Shaw and Marion Lincoln

Verger (assists at services, funerals etc) : Wynne English

Working alongside the Rector in the day to day running of the church.

District Church Council (DCC) : An elected body who oversee the finances, buildings, services, programmes and management of the church.

Leadership Team : A smaller group giving time to support the Rector and prayerfully discern future direction, vision and priorities together.

Church Office : Part-time Church Administrator, Avril Simmons. Usual hours Monday – Thursday 9.15 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.. Please contact the office for initial enquiries on 01827 62612.

People are serving in leadership in many areas of church life – information can be found in the different sections of this website.

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