Our churches working together

Many years ago churches across Tamworth signed up to a commitment to work together in an initiative called Tamworth Covenanting Churches (TCC). What this means in practice is that we put aside our relatively minor theological differences across the breadth of church denominations and unite in our love for Jesus. Members from churches, both ministers and lay people, meet regularly to pray and plan for ever more varied ways in calling churches together and witnessing to our town, including the annual Good Friday Witness and Carols at SnowDome. 2017 started with Night Shelter in collaboration with Starfish Project and we are now planning to invite churches to join and witness at the Castle Grounds as we celebrate the churches birthday for a Pentecost Party. If you have any comments or want to know more please contact our TCC Co-Ordinator, Andy Davenport.

Serving the Community in Glascote

Our calling at St George’s is to pray for all who live and work in this area. We are also in partnership with St Martin’s Stonydelph and St Peter’s Glascote Heath.

We have increasingly good relationships with our local primary schools – both welcoming pupils into St George’s and being involved in assemblies and lessons. There is an excellent Pre-School that runs from our Church Hall and linked to the church (see separate item under Children).

We have just launched a Community Breakfast gathering anytime between 9-11.00 a.m. on most 1st Saturdays of a month in the Church Hall.

“Open Door” is a weekly Thursday afternoon gathering over tea and cakes for anyone who would value a little company.

We are exploring ways of greater support for those who are bereaved or isolated in our community.

About the church
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