St George’s Church family extends a warm, friendly welcome to everyone. We are an all-age congregation and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. What we have in common is that we have responded to God’s call to love and serve him, and we seek to spread that love to one another and to our local community.

We enjoy worshipping in a variety of different ways, we enjoy socialising and we enjoy meeting together for prayer and discussion. Why not come along to a service and meet us?

If you are wanting to explore more about the Christian faith we run an ALPHA Course (link?) here – a great opportunity for asking questions, thinking through what life is all about while enjoying a good meal and company together.

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Our Church

We are a forward thinking church, where we seek to explore what it means to live out our Christian lives in today’s culture using the Bible as our guide.


From our Sunday children’s group Xtra to homegroups and trips away, Find out how our children get involved

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With a number of different music leaders, supported by a gifted group of musicians and singers, we seek to keep our worship fresh and engaging

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Home Groups

Home groups are a vital and important part of our church life. Find out what they are about and how to join one.

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Find out how our churches work together in Tamworth to spread the love of Jesus to many parts of our community

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Who’s who on our Team Here at St George’s

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Young people are important to us. Find out what goes on

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