Prayer & Teaching

Our sermons follow the common lectionary for some of the year.  For other parts of the year sermons are either thematic or work through a section of the Bible.  We try to make our sermons relevant and seek to explore what it means to live a Christian life in today’s world.

We are fortunate to have an excellently resourced church library, which is regularly used. We regularly run courses to help understand and deepen our knowledge of the Christian Faith. Please contact us about the Alpha course (follow the link above for more details) or other courses.

Prayer & Bible reading  
  • Monday to Thursday 8.45 am – 9.15 am in the Church.
  •  Wednesday evening & Thursday day time and evening groups (Fellowship, Fun & Learning at various locations)

Would you like to talk things over? Someone to listen? Someone to pray with?

Pastoral Care contact Fae on 01827 627 40

Email Prayers – Get results

We invite you to submit your prayer requests directly to us using this form, alternatively you can email them to

Email prayer requests should not contain confidential information and anonymous email requests will not usually be accepted. The emails will normally be forwarded on without any editing. Please bear this in mind when you send your prayer request. Prayer requests that are sent on behalf of others, must have permission to be sent first. Some prayer requests may also appear on the weekly notice sheet.